How CBC News will cover the Beijing Olympic Winter Games

How CBC News will cover the Beijing Olympic Winter Games

Teams from CBC News are in Beijing, ready to bring you the stories that will define the Games. If past events are any indication, our journalists will cover triumph, loss, inspiration, dedication, and nationhood, not to mention speed and achievement on both ice and snow, all while reporting on the world’s largest and most-watched amateur athletic event.

The Games will undoubtedly provide an exciting and welcome break for Canadians who have become tired of living with COVID-19 after two years.

How CBC News will cover the Beijing Olympic Winter Games


These Games, on the other hand, are unique. Our news crew is unable to roam around as easily as they have in previous Olympics. They can’t go beyond the Olympic bubble to find tales. Their efforts to collect data will be scrutinized and possibly jeopardized.

Our assurance

We’re sending a team of Canadian reporters to work alongside our CBC Sports colleagues, but for the next three weeks, our entire team will be subject to Chinese regulations.

Our promise to Canadians is that CBC News will always be transparent, accurate, and thorough in its reporting.

We will inform Canadians of our findings. We’ll also let you know what we can’t get access to and why. In our reporting, we will be open-minded and fair, striving to capture a wide spectrum of experiences and feelings from athletes, their families, and the host nation. But, without a question, finding the true story beneath the Olympic glare will be more difficult than ever for our teams. Regardless of the constraints, we pledge to do our best to provide trustworthy journalism.

We don’t want to make ourselves the focus of attention, but we do want to be transparent about how different the situation will be for our news teams.

Mobile phones and laptop computers

Journalists working in China can anticipate their technology to be monitored, whether through spyware, tracking flaws in third-party apps, or state-controlled networks. As a precaution, CBC News employees will utilize fresh phones and laptops for the duration of the Games. Their business phones and laptops have been left at home in Canada. Our IT experts will wipe these devices clean after the Games are done.

For journalists working abroad, this is an extreme but not unheard of precaution. CBC News analyses the risk to our internal networks and data on every deployment, and frequently travels with extra phones to ensure the integrity of our work.

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